Intel Technorogy Provider Platinum Partner TERATEC

TERA Consulting

Teratec uses Thumb, Grid Manager (TGM), a proprietary cluster-specific kernel and user management tool, based on the experience of leading hardware engineers and Intel server specialists and years of experience in building Linux clusters.

We provide the best cluster total service in Korea to provide convenience and stability to users and to be applied to business immediately after purchasing through consulting service through sufficient consulting.

We provide OS and applications that are essential for cluster configuration in an optimized state, and separately, we provide the solutions on a flash drive for ease of use.


Cluster consulting for each field through various references
  • Based on 20 years of experience, HPC specialists do system design and systematic construction / operation / maintenance support
  • We have system design and systematic construction / operation / maintenance support through expert consortium
Fast performance and reliability
  • Teratec provides the latest hardware for HPC deployment at the fastest and most competitive price
  • Teratec got Intel Cluster Ready certification at the very first in Korea and Intel HPC Data Center Specialist and Cloud Data Center Specialist
Professional engineers
  • As an Intel Technology Provider Platinum member, we provide the best service
  • Linux developers who has ten years and more experience help customers’ equipment have the best performance
Have specialized training courses and teaching materials
  • Unlike existing hardware providers, we provide total services related to clusters including hardware, deployment, solutions, and training

Application filed

It matches the area that powerful computing power is needed and also it can be applied anywhere if it is difficult to work with existing Single, SMP server.

UniversityAeronautical, Mechanical, Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, Biotechnology
R & D Center
Design Graphic Design Rendering
Film Rendering
Design Semiconductor, road design, architectural design and simulation field
Various financial fields including profit / loss analysis, etc.
Communication voice analysis, packet analysis, encryption field

1901~1908 Gasan SK V1 center., 171, Gasan Digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 08503 KOREA