Intel Technorogy Provider Platinum Partner TERATEC


Teratec operates a call center based on systematic maintenance measures, and based on this, we are quickly and accurately maintained.

Offering a professional engineer in charge
Selecting the engineers in charge to maintain system performance in good operating condition,
Rapid disaster recovery system
  • Regular checks of the system (basic and detailed checks)
  • Replacement of faulty parts
  • Optimal service support after diagnosing and analyzing fault situation
Pre-check and record
Keep best condition of system and provides quality service
  • Pre-check for possible failure and eliminate obstacle factors
  • Records of additions, adjustments and repairs of technical changes
  • Checking Device failure and parts replacement history
Product technology training and information provision
  • Efficient operation of the system
  • Provide related field and technical information trend through homepage
  • Provide irregular and expeditious information on related areas
Maintenance and other precautions
Main point about maintenance and cost related issue
  • Maintenance support for equipment contracted with customer
  • transportation charges and parts cost will be charged when it is caused by customer's fault
  • cost will be charged if there is any issue caused from remodeling or partial remuneration

TERA Consulting

Based on many years' consulting experience and technology, Teratec provides client / server system, network & system design, firewall & security solution. We provide answers as an integrated service provider for e-business implementation and operations by hardware-based technology acquired through years of service.

We provide private construction and maintenance services in system design through customer environment analysis, and build a total infrastructure that is scalable and flexible to enable e-business opportunities for customers in a more stable environment.


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